Manual Osteopathic Therapy

Manual Osteopathic Therapy (Manual Osteopathy)

Manual osteopathic therapy is internationally recognized which aims to restore optimal function and health in the body. This goal is achieved by the use of the therapists’ highly refined sense of touch during assessments and treatments. The Manual Osteopathic Therapists (OMth) palpation and knowledge of the body allows the practitioner to feel not only surface tensions but also deeper tensions and distortions which may be present in organs, joints, fascia, bones, lymph, circulation, cerebral spinal fluid and nervous system.

The founding principles of Manual Osteopathy include:

  • Structure Governs Function- when an area of the body is not moving well it will disrupt the function of not only that local area but also may disrupt global health and function of the patient
  • The Body is a Functional Unit- this means that one part of the body or one system does not act in isolation. The body acts as a unit, with constant communication between systems to maintain health
  • The Movement of Fluids is Essential- it is very importance to maintain a free pathway for all fluids of the body-lymph, arterial, venous return. If an area of the body is lacking mobility it can compromise the movement of this fluid flow which ultimately disrupts the health of the person.
  • The Inherent Self-Regulation Property of the Body- this refers to the body’s ability to continually adapt and strive to maintain homeostasis or balance. Treatment involve supporting the natural mechanisms of the body so it can heal itself.

Some of the osteopathic treatment techniques utilized include:
cranial sacral therapy
myofascial/soft tissue techniques
counterstrain technique
muscle energy techniques
lymphatic drainage
visceral (organ) release

Examples of conditions (not limited to) manual osteopathy is
indicated to treat:
Sports injuries
Chronic pain
Back pain
Head aches
Digestive concerns
Neck pain
TMJ issues
Tinnitus ( ringing in ears )
Sciatica/SI joint pain
Urinary Incontinence
Insomnia/sleep difficulties
Post Concussion Syndrome

“Dawns keen sense and years of experience in both therapeutic massage and osteopath treatments has helped tremendously with my migraines. More than satisfied in finding relief with the treatment plan Dawn has set out for me. After having tried everything for years, having relief from her manual osteopathic treatments has created a whole new life for me”


Initial Assessment & Treatment

  • 75 Minutes

Assessment & Treatment

  • 60 Minutes

Assesment & Treatment

  • 30 Minutes

The therapists at Opal Therapeutics Clinic very much appreciate patient referrals. As an expression of gratitude any referral is gifted a $10 dollar Gift Certificate to a locally owned business.

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