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Manual Osteopathy

Is manual osteopathy treatments covered by Insurers?2021-01-05T11:28:31-08:00

Yes, the insurance companies that cover the manual osteopathy treatments include:
Alberta Blue Cross, Pacific Blue Cross, Sunlife, Greenshield, Manulife, Equitable, The Co-Operators, Desjardins, Johnsons Group, Chambers of Commerce, GMS, Maximum, CINUP, Empire Life, NexGen, Great West Life, Canada Life

Direct billing is not available for Manual Osteopathic Therapy in Canada, patients will need to submit the treatment receipts to their insurance company.

Is there a difference between Chiropractor and Manual Osteopathic treatments?2020-06-05T12:52:09-07:00

Osteopaths will incorporate rhythmical and gentler techniques to align the bones and joints whereas a chiropractor will  provide high velocity manipulative techniques to achieve the same results.

Is there difference between a Doctor of Osteopathy and Manual Osteopathy?2020-06-05T12:56:57-07:00

Yes there are differences, these include:

  • Doctors of Osteopathy can diagnose and prescribe medications to patients
  • Manual Osteopathic Therapist are able to assess, formulate a clinical impression and treat patients
  • Doctors of Osteopathy have more years of formal education
How is Manual osteopathic therapy different from massage therapy?2020-06-05T13:00:30-07:00

Massage therapy assesses and addresses soft tissues including the muscles, tendons, ligaments and a little fascia. Manual osteopathy addresses tissues and organ systems that include craniosacral fluid and rhythm, bones and joints with Muscle Energy Techniques, lymphatic system, visceral (organ) release, advanced myofascial release and cranio/facial bony alignment.

For example, if a patient came in to the clinic with an achy right shoulder the manual osteopathic therapist would potentially assess and treat the following:

  • assess the spine, 1st and 2nd ribs, clavicle and scapula joint because all imbalances can refer pain to the right shoulder
  • assess the liver and gall bladder for motility / mobility / circulation / innervation because dysfunction in these organs refer pain to the right shoulder
  • assess the fluid dynamics of the shoulder, circulation and lymphatic flow, because congestion creates pain
Do you lie on a table and go under the linens like a massage therapy treatment?2020-06-05T13:01:39-07:00

No. all assessments and treatments are provided with clothes on and over the linens.  Patients are asked to bring loose fitting, stretchy clothes or be prepared to wear shorts and sports bra for females.  Assessments and treatments happen is standing, sitting and lying on the table too.

What can I expect from my first manual osteopathic session?2020-06-05T13:02:17-07:00

Patients can expect to go over your health history with the manual osteopath as well as having a discussion about what the patients goals/needs involve. Next an assessment will be performed, which includes observation of posture and tests to determine where treatment will be most indicated.  The assessments are very thorough and will consume much of the initial visit time.  With the remaining time, treatment will be provided. In subsequent appointments, there will be a shorter assessment (in order to observe the lasting changes and to guide the process), and more time will be spent on treatment, which can take place with the patient sitting, lying face up, face down, or in side lying.

Massage Therapy

Are the RMT’s BC trained and active members of the College of Massage Therapy of BC (CMTBC)?2023-02-01T12:03:05-08:00

Dawn  and Dave are trained in BC and are active members with the CMTBC.  Brittan is experiencing her theory portion of massage therapy school in Alberta and her practicum portion in BC with an External Practicum Supervisor.

Are the therapeutic massages covered by insurance?2020-06-05T13:08:40-07:00

Yes, and Direct Billing is available.

What can I expect from my massage therapy appointment?2020-06-05T13:10:29-07:00

The RMT will welcome you and then, once in the treatment room, proceed to review your case history, perform postural and any other indicated assessments.  The therapist will discuss the massage treatment plan, then leave the room to allow you to disrobe (to your comfort level) and get on the table.  During the treatment the therapist will ask for informed consent and discuss finding / observations with the patient for the patients understanding.  After the treatment the RMT will check in with the patient and offer any home care considerations to support the health goals progression.

What form of payment do you accept?2023-02-01T12:03:39-08:00

We accept Cash, Credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), e-transfer and under specific circumstances: cheques.

I am in need of a thoughtful and awesome Gift for my Friend. What do you recommend?2020-06-05T13:11:52-07:00

An Opal Therapeutics Clinic Gift Card of course!   Have it e- mailed instantly to your Friend or for you to present later. So easy and so nice.

The therapists at Opal Therapeutics Clinic very much appreciate patient referrals. As an expression of gratitude any referral is gifted a $10 dollar Gift Certificate to a locally owned business.

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